Hygge and Hype: Danish Style in Copenhagen

The best of style in the state of Denmark.

In the past, the fashion press has typically described Danish style as “humane”, “democratic”, “casual”, “unpretentious” and “minimalistic”.

But equating Danish style with a disturbingly narrow account of Scandinavian style fails to recognise its unique qualities.

Luckily, times are a changing. The overexposure of traditional fashion capitals such as London and Paris, has diverted global attention towards alternative fashion destinations such as Copenhagen. And buyers and the press are looking beyond streetwear favourites like Norse Projects and Soulland, to inform their understanding of Danish style.

Below are just a couple of looks from the recent Copenhagen International Fashion Fair which provide deeper insight into this unique fashion ecosystem.

The Danish Accent

Photographed by Acielle and STYLE DU MONDE via vogue.com
  • The soft proportions of Danish outerwear contrast with the more androgynous styles popular in neighbouring Stockholm. Here, the blogger Annabel Rosendahl creates a bold feminine look by combining a raglan sleeve coat with a knee-length sheath skirt.
  • Rosendahl’s use of blood orange is an effective accent against the darker colours. This works particularly well as it isn’t too bright, leaving the look feeling a little retro.
  • The coat’s details stop the outfit from looking too conservative. The relaxed structure, lowered button stance, exaggerated lapels, and sloped shoulders add a casual touch.

Gettin’ Hygge Wit It

Photographed by Acielle and STYLE DU MONDE via vogue.com
  • As seen in the outfits above, Danish style and the Danish aesthetic of “Hygge” (or an “everyday experience of safety, equality, personal wholeness and a spontaneous social flow”) have successfully assimilated streetwear.
  • The bloke on the left is wearing a navy robecoat with camo overalls accented by flecks of red. In contrast to the aggressive streetwear typically worn in the US and the UK, the look is made more wholesome by pairing it with the wool beanie and oversized coat.
  • The guy on the right relies on a more conventional combination of colours. Indeed, the camo trousers give the outfit a restrained edge that the does not disturb the delicate balance of tones.

Cool Weekend

Photographed by Eva Al Desnudo via highsnobiety.com
  • Streetwear accessories can modernise any classic outfit. Above, the sling bag and skate sneakers add subtle visual interest to a muted colour palette.
  • The functional garments replicate the silhouettes of tailored menswear to create a smart casual outfit.
  • The glenplaid top coat retains a touch of formality, while its dropped shoulder gives the outfit a casual appearance.

Danish Bohemian

Photographed by Eva Al Desnudo via instagram.com/eva.al.desnudo
  • The Danes are generally more playful than the more embellished Norwegians and the famously minimalistic Swedes. In the outfit above, the jacket’s restrained colours harmonise well with each other.
  • The look combines garments from different menswear categories creating a slightly bohemian personality.
  • The outfit uses utilitarian, and not conceptual or minimalist garments, making it very wearable. This may reflect a Danish pragmatism attributable to their inhospitable climate.

(Cover photo by Dossier Denmark via elle.dk)

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