NYFW 2018: The Best Street Style Trends for Autumn

We review the best autumn trends in street style at New York Fashion Week 2018

Menswear has always been the black sheep of New York Fashion Week. At first, many believed that menswear should never have seen the light of day at NYFW. But with its debut at NYFW back in 2015, came a change in the landscape of the menswear industry in America.

New York City, the epicentre of East Coast American culture and its economy, has risen over the past few decades to become one of the few cities to command the global fashion stage. Through its hyper urbanisation and fast-paced lifestyle, style in NYC has evolved to become more commercial and utilitarian than its counterparts like London and Paris, where the conceptual and the avant-garde is celebrated and explored. The urban influence is visible on the runways – especially the streets, with a complementary mix of formal and casual styles.

This season, it’s clear that New York’s street style is constantly evolving in tandem with the wild elements bearing down on the city. Below are several of looks from the recent Fall New York Fashion Week menswear, which provide deeper understanding into this inimitable microcosm.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Monochrome

I live for monochrome looks, especially black. However, when colour is involved, monochrome looks can be tough to pull off. But done correctly with considerations to proportions and subtle variations of colour, not only will it accentuate the silhouette, but it will also allow each piece to have their own moment in front of the lens. Including a contrasting element, such as a pair of white sneakers, helps to break the gaze and softens the intensity of monochromes. The soft beret here also tempers the angular tailoring, while the black frames gives us Matrix vibes, taking the outfit to a whole other dimension.

Photographed by Simbarashe via W Magazine

Blurred Lines (Hey, Hey, Hey/I know you want it)

The last couple of seasons, we’ve seen designers championing genderless fashion on runways, but at NYFW, we prove that it’s the street style stars that are the true champions. Below, the sharp angular frames are softened by the creaminess of the sweater and the beige trench coat. The belt and the bulkiness of the backpack help break up the outfit by adding texture and visual interest by playing with proportions and scale.

Photographed by Marcy Swingle via New York Times


Bracing the Chill with Statement Puffer Jackets

What better way to trump through blizzards than in a statement puffer jacket? The bold patches of colours seen at NYFW offer a playful contrast to the grey New York weather. In addition, the use of dark layers underneath allows statements jacket to stand out. The jackets are still very utilitarian however providing great wearability in a concrete jungle braced by the elements. This is also reflective of a New Yorker’s practicality influenced by their highly urbanised surroundings.

Photographed by Simbarashe via W Magazine
Photographed by Simbarashe via W Magazine


Berets and Beanies – Headwear of the Season

Berets and beanies have also been heavily featured in this season’s street styles at NYFW. They are such a dynamic and whimsical addition to any outfit, capable of dressing down any heavy formal garments like overcoats and blazers, or spicing up any dull outfits. Bright colours are a great source of visual interest to an otherwise restrained colour palette.

Photographed by Dan Roberts via GQ Magazine


Photographed by Dan Roberts via GQ Magazine

Cover Photo via Dan Roberts via GQ Magazine

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