The Best Menswear Items of the Week #1

The Armoury x Porter Traveller Briefcase

Saving? What does that even mean?


Retail is in a tough space at the moment. The slow onset of winter has left buyers and merchandisers confused as to what to put on the floor, and jackets and knits have been sitting on racks longer than expected, resulting in major price reductions nationwide.

It’s tempting to jump straight into the chaos and dash for the checkout with a quick bargain. But a better approach would be to carefully consider everything on the market and buy only what you really need. Or you can be like us and watch your retirement savings burn, as we pick out the best menswear items to add to our collection.


The Armoury x Porter | Traveller’s Briefcase



The Armoury x Porter Traveller Briefcase


I recently caught this thing on Mark Cho’s Instagram and thought it was one of the coolest bags out.

Porter has a really easy going eccentricity that is distinctly Japanese. Where a lot of Western labels tend to take two steps to the right, Japanese labels tend to intelligently update classics without screaming for attention.

The briefcase has two sections. A front section is comprised of small and large pockets that fits small accessories like mobile phones, lighters or Gameboys, while a rear section accommodates larger items like folders, books or a 15″ Macbook.

What I really love about the bag is how elegantly it straddles the line between workwear and sartorial. The shell is constructed from a medium weight nylon (which repels water and dirt) that isn’t as utilitarian looking as a Filson or as minimalistic as a Mismo. There’s also a zipper at the bottom of the back pocket, that can be used to slip the bag over the handle of a luggage trolley for easy carrying. Perfect for an international business flight (If, y’know, I actually made international business flights.) – Will


The Armoury x Porter Traveller’s Briefcase available at The Armoury


Burberry | Wool Cashmere Tailored Coat




The iconic Burberry trench has never strayed far from mainstream attention since its alleged invention by Thomas Burberry in the 1850s. Popularised by British officers returning from WW1, the trench became prized for its versatility in layering and styling in cooler climes (and how easy it was for streakers to take off in public). But oft-neglected, I think, are Burberry’s more understated staples such as this wool-cashmere coat. Tailored to fit gently over anything, you can easily wear it over knitwear for a more subtle casual look, or a conservative suit for added depth.

It would be remiss for anyone to not include a sturdy overcoat to their wardrobe, and I love the old school sophistication it adds to any outfit, especially during the colder months. It has the same amount of flexibility as a trench while retaining the more structured silhouette of English tailoring. Besides, you won’t risk going out in public with the same flasher vibes you’d get with the traditional trench. – Sharon


Burberry Wool Cashmere Tailored Coat available at Burberry


Prada | Checked Cotton Blouson Jacket



Prada Checked Cotton Blouson Jacket



I’ve been eyeing this jacket for a few weeks now and I haven’t had a strong reason to hit the checkout button. But winter is biting at our heels, and I’m quickly taking it as a sign that I should hand over my credit card details pronto. So looking at my bank details, it’s either this jacket or the new and bigger iPhone X that Apple has promised us this October. Either way, my credit’s f*cked. -Jeff


Prada Checked Cotton Blouson Jacket available at Mr Porter



Engineered Garments | C1 Vest Dk Olive

Engineered Garments C1 Vest Dk OliveMy taste in clothes has become more distinct over the years, and I think it has a lot to do with the body I’ve got. I do not suit “slim” silhouettes, I think that low rise trousers look silly on my short frame, and I sweat like an absolute pig (probably because I eat like one too).

Luckily, the brilliant men and women at Engineered Garments have always looked out for guys like me, even if this vest might make me look like an old man on holidays in Vietnam… but I can’t disagree, can I? Ever since I found out about women’s clothing and the lack of “real” pockets, my love for them grows, and with six of varying sizes, I can finally place my dignity, self-worth, dreams, anxiety, dying wishes, and cigarettes all safely in the one vest. – Davo


Engineered Garments C1 Vest Dk Olive available at Big Trouble Store



The Real McCoy’s | Cotton Sateen Utility Shirt Jacket



The Real McCoy's Cotton Sateen Utility Shirt Jacket



With colder months approaching, it’s time to introduce layering into my daily regimen. The Real McCoy’s sateen jacket makes this an easy transition. Inspired by U.S Army OG107 fatigues, the shirt jacket provides warmth and durability. The Real McCoys has also engineered a 100% cotton sateen exclusively for the jacket giving it more breathability than the original.

When I come across pieces like this, I am reminded that clothes, much like our lives, need not be complicated. The jacket is proper, well-measured, and simple, characteristics which are essential for any garment (or partner). – Johanna


Cotton Sateen Utility Shirt Jacket available at The Real McCoy’s



[All images via respective webstores]

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