Do You Ever Grow Out Of Teenage Style?

Jeffrey Zhou | The Hounds | Australian Mens Sty;e | @thehoundblog

Our fashion editor, Jeff, wonders what the hell he was wearing when he was 15.

It’s not every day you look back on your past with a magnifying glass (or a microscope) and cringe at your adolescence. Yes, those glorious years when acne (not Acne) ruled your life – and your self-esteem.

And the worst part of it all? What the hell I was wearing.

Jeffrey Zhou | The Hounds | Australian Mens Sty;e | @thehoundblog

Prior to the emergence of social media and the domination of “influencers”, everyone my age looked up to people on the streets, television heartthrobs and the “cool” kids at school for style inspiration.

Yet in reality, we were too young to understand how to throw something coherent together. We cared so much about how we dressed, even when there weren’t as many clothing brands to choose from.

In hindsight though, my style choices were at best simple, and at worst boring. But I loved it. Back when my metabolism was in full swing, I was all about figure-hugging clothes. Super skinny jeans, a long-sleeve t-shirt, a pea coat and a pair of converse chucks was my ideal. And my favourite colour scheme? A dizzying array of black on black, on black.

Jeffrey Zhou | The Hounds | Australian Mens Sty;e | @thehoundblog

Once I got out of high school, I began to learn about brands and started experimenting. Over time, the more I experimented, the more my style evolved. I learnt which brands cut their pants best for me, who made the coolest coats, what pieces I could bargain out on, and what pieces I should really invest in for the long run.

Jeffrey Zhou | The Hounds | Australian Mens Sty;e | @thehoundblog

As I’ve become older and hopefully wiser, I’ve also learnt how to shop more effectively. I’ve made investments (financial and emotional) in the high end, filled out gaps with easy, non-committal pieces, and learnt not to purchase anything in between that would take up precious wardrobe space. I’ve come to appreciate the importance of repurposing, layering, and purchasing trans-seasonal pieces to get the most out of what I own. And more importantly, I no longer chase after trends.

So to my adolescent me, I only have three words of advice: Never. Look. Back.

Jeff wears:

Felted Wool Vandergrift Australian Flight Blouson  – Vintage Military Surplus

Black Cotton Trousers – Olive Clothing

Black Supima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt – COS

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