Summer Lovin’

I’m definitely more of a winter guy, a characteristic my wardrobe tends to reflect. So when it comes to dressing for the heat I battle, but over the summer I’ve begun to try and work on it. What better opportunity then on Sunday, when I’m heading to work and it’s 33°.

White shirt, easy, creates solid a foundation for any outfit, also helps that it is hanging on my door freshly cleaned and ironed. It is also one of my favourite shirts as it was my first MTM experience and being a 37 neck it can be hard to find decent fitting shirts. From here, I’m thinking Navy Linen trousers, they’re a cotton blend making them ridiculously comfortable and lightweight, perfect for the heat. Not being a fan of belts because they tend to crush the waist on my pants I opt for some new suspenders that I picked up recently.

Tom Dickson Summer Lovin 2Feeling like I want to add something with a bit of interest, I’ve gone for a dark green knit tie, one of my personal favourites. I love knit ties because they add texture to an outfit, a factor in in dressing with which I like to experiment… a lot. I also like the tension between the extremely clean and precise nature of the London Spread Collar contrasted with the unorthodox pattern, coarse texture and unique style of the knit tie. However, with a four in hand knot (or schoolboys knot), you can get away with anything. It’s sort of like what William describes in his article ‘Beautiful Ugliness’, it is the ‘anti-sensual’ nature of the object contrasted with classic beauty that appeals to me.

3Paired with a lightweight cotton hopsack blazer, in a beige/mustard colour, with a linen pocket square left in there from the last time I wore it. I’m ready.

Actually, definitely need some kicks, brown suede penny loafers are a safe bet. Good to go!


Tom wears:

Navy Cotton/Linen Pants- Brooks Brothers

White MTM Shirt, Cut Away Collar- Brooks Brothers

Dark Green Knit Tie- Drakes, Strand Hatters

Navy Suspenders-M.J. Bale

Brown Suede Penny Loafers- Crockett & Jones, eBay

Sunglasses- Thom Browne, Harrolds

Hopsack Blazer-Gant Rugger, Henry Bucks

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