Winter Lovin’

The cool change is here, however it’s not quite time to drape yourself in flannel just yet. The weather can be hard to negotiate, cold in the morning, but then it can end up being quite warm by the afternoon. So today I did my best to try and cope with this predicament.

Starting with the shirt, I’m thinking a Light Blue Candy Stripe shirt, cutaway collar, my personal favourite. I’m opting for a navy flannel blazer, with a light windowpane through it: this is how I combat the cold.IMG_6124

Now for the tie, again I like experimenting with the textures, that’s why I’m feeling a nice cashmere tie to bring the outfit together. Again, a contrast between the relaxed and slightly unconventional nature of the texture of the tie, and the extremely clean lines and corporate nature of the cutaway collar. While we’re on accessories I reconsider my outfit, realising that there isn’t a lot of colour to the ensemble. With this in mind I elect my current favourite pocket square, red and yellow linen silk blend with a slightly floral print.
IMG_6123With this, I try and balance the outfit with a pair to tailored double pleated cotton trousers, with a one-inch cuff. Notably a smaller cuff then tends to be seen today, a lot of the heavy hitters in menswear tending for a more classic thick cuff, 2 to 3-inches. I don’t know why I did, maybe just a rush of blood to head when I was at the tailors but I’m partial to the aesthetic.

IMG_6093Now to my most recent acquisition, the shoes. Some people enjoyed actual chocolate to celebrate their Easter break, this year I opted for a different sort, a new pair of chocolate Double Monks to celebrate my escape from Uni. But who am I kidding, I also indulged seriously in the dairy form as well!

Tom wears:

Flannel Windowpane Blazer – Herringbone­

Candy Stripe Shirt – Brooks Brothers

Cashmere Tie – Emma Willis

Pleated Trousers – Brooks Brothers

Double Monk Shoes – Crockett & Jones

(Photo credits: Lark Visuals)

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