The Hounds are Australian fashion bloggers hunting down the best classic and contemporary menswear in the country.

We celebrate the old, revel in the new, and explore the unforeseen on our hunt for products of integrity and originality.

Enter the kennel of sartorial savviness.


The Crew





William enjoys writing about sartorial style, and people who rock the hell out of it.

He hasn’t quite achieved his childhood dream of becoming Batman yet, but for a bloke who used to wear a fedora in high school he’s not doing too bad for himself.



Brooks Brothers Sydney Winter 2016 The Hounds 5


For a girl who wanted to be a policewoman when she grew up, Sharon takes very little seriously other than ties, grammar, and a solid game of Dungeons and Dragons. Luckily she has learnt to redirect her energies into shaping the voice of The Hounds.




David’s style is like his facial hair: strange.

As a pro at wearing mismatched clothes, his qualifications for writing about menswear are at least more foolproof than his financial planning.


With Help From

Johanna Aneman      VISUAL DESIGN

Jeffrey Zhou      PHOTOGRAPHY

Michael Nguyen      CO-FOUNDER

Bayee Wang

Eric Cai



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