Posts Written OnFebruary 2015

Wearing a navy blazer

I’ll never forget my first blazer. It was a two-button wool blend tweed herringbone weave in navy with a thin faux-leather collar that – like my first guitar – was cheap and was bought with father’s money.

Of Colour and Contrasts

Plenty of men can dress in shades of blues, greys, and browns for their entire lifetimes and still be considered well-dressed, but as soon as I saw the forest green in this shantung silk necktie in the shop, I knew I was a man of colour (pun intended).

Summer Lovin’

I’m definitely more of a winter guy, a characteristic my wardrobe tends to reflect. So when it comes to dressing for the heat I battle, but over the summer I’ve begun to try and work on it. What better opportunity then on Sunday, when I’m heading to work and it’s 33°.

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