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  • Sasha Perera

    Hi guys,

    The name’s Sasha, I’m Sri Lankan, born and raised in Dubai. I stumbled upon ‘The Hounds’ which I think is an elegant yet cool name for a style/classic menswear blog, while looking up for more posts from other websites, in relation to the polo coat. I read all of your other articles for the ‘Best Coat Series’. I really like how detailed and accurate the information was, and the easy-going style in the writing which I have not seen, in many younger blogs/websites/YouTube channels that are either too trend-driven and lack substance, along with proper facts and source material. When I found out that all of you are based in Australia, it prompted me even more to read your posts; I was in Melbourne for a year from July 2012 – November 2013, I was studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the Australian Catholic University, I really like Melbourne, such a multicultural place. I miss it a lot, I hope to visit Melbourne some day in the near future. Which state of Australia are all of you based in? I would love to meet all of you when I decide to make a trip down under, it’s always good to find people who share similar tastes with you as far as clothes, classic menswear, and style is concerned. Here’s a link to my Instagram. Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Sasha Perera

    • William

      Thanks for the kind words Sasha! Really appreciate it. We’re all based in Sydney we but fly down to Melbourne now and then – such a chill place. Let us know when you’re down under again mate 🙂


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