Posts Written OnJune 2015

You Mad(der)?

I’ve gotten some pretty interesting reactions when I’ve asked people to touch my madder tie. I find I have to assure them that “madder tie” isn’t a euphemism and that I’m just as disappointed as they are. Trust.

Winter Lovin’

The cool change is here, however it’s not quite time to drape yourself in flannel just yet. The weather can be hard to negotiate, cold in the morning, but then it can end up being quite warm by the afternoon. So today I did my best to try and cope with this predicament.

Work Hard, Play Hard

So VIVID, also known as Sydney’s largest winter attraction ploy, has officially ended as of this blisteringly frostbite-y week, which means all but crap for our tourism industry for the next three and a bit months till we get our sun back. But hey, look on the bright side we got other things to look forward to like our finals, cramming, and reading study notes till the very last second before entering the exam room.

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