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Winter Lovin’

The cool change is here, however it’s not quite time to drape yourself in flannel just yet. The weather can be hard to negotiate, cold in the morning, but then it can end up being quite warm by the afternoon. So today I did my best to try and cope with this predicament.

Tie Bars: Don’t Wear Them Straight

My first experience with tie bars was seeing some corporate Don Juan wear one with an undimpled skinny pink tie as he caressed my face. I was of course very uncomfortable with my dad’s best friend pinching my cheek like that as a chubby four-year-old.

Suit Separates

Learning how to wear suit separates gives a young guy license to be dressed in a suit when the dress code is casual without looking like a total wanker. It’s an approach to dressing down dressing up.

Of Colour and Contrasts

Plenty of men can dress in shades of blues, greys, and browns for their entire lifetimes and still be considered well-dressed, but as soon as I saw the forest green in this shantung silk necktie in the shop, I knew I was a man of colour (pun intended).