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Personal reflections about the clothes we wear and general psychobabble.

Styling Tweed

Despite a more than passing resemblance to roadkill, tweed is actually (at least in my opinion), one of the most beautiful colder weather fabrics. A wool fabric, woven from relatively short fibres which have not been combed smoothly and are twisted less tightly than worsted wool fabrics, it is a hardy cloth that drapes beautifully.

You Mad(der)?

I’ve gotten some pretty interesting reactions when I’ve asked people to touch my madder tie. I find I have to assure them that “madder tie” isn’t a euphemism and that I’m just as disappointed as they are. Trust.

Winter Lovin’

The cool change is here, however it’s not quite time to drape yourself in flannel just yet. The weather can be hard to negotiate, cold in the morning, but then it can end up being quite warm by the afternoon. So today I did my best to try and cope with this predicament.

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