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Tie Bars: Don’t Wear Them Straight

My first experience with tie bars was seeing some corporate Don Juan wear one with an undimpled skinny pink tie as he caressed my face. I was of course very uncomfortable with my dad’s best friend pinching my cheek like that as a chubby four-year-old.

Suit Separates

Learning how to wear suit separates gives a young guy license to be dressed in a suit when the dress code is casual without looking like a total wanker. It’s an approach to dressing down dressing up.

Summer Lovin’

I’m definitely more of a winter guy, a characteristic my wardrobe tends to reflect. So when it comes to dressing for the heat I battle, but over the summer I’ve begun to try and work on it. What better opportunity then on Sunday, when I’m heading to work and it’s 33°.